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2016-12-28 09:59:24
Why Winter is the Best Time to Buy a House

By SuAnne Hoffman

It’s cold outside and snow on the ground can bring home sales to a halt.  But, let me tell you why I think winter can be the best time of all to buy a house.

Less competition for the house you want

Because spring and summer are the main times for listing and looking for houses, you will find a smaller number of homes for sale, but you will be sure to get a better price on a home. If you make an offer on a home, it’s less likely that you’ll have other buyers making offers, which would drive the price up even more.  

Lower prices

Winter is a great time to find lower prices on homes.  Many sellers have a reason that they need to sell quickly, like moving for a job or selling the house due to a divorce.  Sellers want to move the property fast and so they’re willing to go lower with the price in order to do so.  You can take advantage of these lower prices and be happy knowing you got a great deal.

Your Realtor is there for you

Because your Realtor probably has less work to do during the winter months, she’s ready for you whenever you need her.  She’ll be at your beck and call, making sure everything is perfect for you because she won’t be bogged down by other buyers and sellers.

You can see how the house handles the cold

Sure, it’s nice to see a home in the summer with its green lawn and beautifully manicured yard.  But, winter time has its advantages too. You can check to see how the home handles winter, seeing if the home is heated enough or has cold drafts.  You can see how the pipes are handling the cold and if the walkways and neighborhood are cleared of snow.

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