The Latest and Greatest in Smart Home Technology

By SuAnne Hoffman

We hear the term, ‘smart home,’ all the time-- but what does it really mean?  Does it turn your home into a giant robot who can control you?  Or does it cost an arm and a leg to make your home smart?  Turning your house into a smart home isn’t as far away or as difficult as you might be thinking.  Here are some simple smart home fixes that are coming your way soon.

A house that knows your needs

Smart homes nowadays have internet connection in devices and appliances that make it easy for life to go the way you want it to.  For example, you could have your coffee maker programmed to start making coffee the way you like it just seconds after you wake up.

A house that saves energy and money

Of course, we all want to save some money on utilities and energy bills and having a smart home is a great way to do it.  You can make sure that your appliances are running on low power while you’re away and your heart and other machines in your home aren’t running at all when they don’t need to be.  You decide how to control the savings in your home.

Home automation

You can now do things in your home without even having to be there!  Right from your smartphone or tablet, you can make sure your doors are locked, your security system is on and your appliances are on low power mode-- until you get ready to come back home.  Some devices will even show your front door on a video stream on your phone, so you can see who it is when someone rings the bell--even if you aren't there.  

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things refers to appliances in your home that are becoming connected to your smart phone or have internet capabilities.  You can control your preferences from an app and, in this case, your refrigerator could tell you what groceries you need to pick up from the store or what food you need to use before it spoils. It’s just here to make your life easier and simpler.

Smart home technology is growing with the speed of the internet and apps for your smart devices.  Things that were once considered impossible will be controllable--all from the ease of your recliner. The future of smart homes is exciting! 

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